milo rothstein
Lex 🦋 @fairydaze ∙ 15m put milo rothstein on hot ones you cowards i wanna see my favorite white boy sweat out of his eyes and go on a heat induced existential ramble about the history of tshirt designs                        
Clara @milosophy ∙ 35m actually sex was created in 2008 by twisted nation when milo rothstein sang "is your bed made? is your sweater on? do you want to fuck? like you know i do? like you know i do-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh."

Clara @milosophy
Replying to @righteousjc
Sex was created by God, for marriage, between a husband and wife. Not for a boyfriend and girlfriend that are dating.
Marissa Jacobs @marissa_jacobs ∙ 45m remember when i met some guy, asked what he did for work and he said “mushimi” (hotspot sushi place) so i spent all night asking about sushi resto secrets and the next day i found out he had actually said musician? and it was milo rothstein? that was a fun and sexy time for me.                        
ᴅᴀʀᴋ ᴘʀɪɴᴄᴇss @begging4thread ∙ 1h EXCUSE THE FUCK OUTTA ME i refuse to believe our queen liv was near milo for longer than was needed. milo you don't go near my baby i know the hurt you caused i was there for her epic speech & emotional performance of mind games clearly aimed at you i didn't forget and i never will!                        
alexa demie stan acct @alicarrosa ∙ 1h did anyone else see the tumblr post about milo and liv being spotted together in vegas? ugh please be true my indie music shipper heart needs it                        
lauren / ladybird @milosbully ∙ 2h milo rothstein looks like an easter island head. kjfhsdiufj that was 2 mean i'm sorry you bambino ass bitxch                        
Sarah @Sarah_Lee ∙ 2h i'm crying looking through his tweets in 2009 WHAT DOES THIS MEAN??? WHY DID YOU GUYS CALL HIM MILOSHKI?? WHY DID I HAVE TO GOOGLE POLYMATH?? pretentious!!

Sarah @Sarah_Lee
Replying to @miloroth
Can everyone stop calling me Miloshki I am a renaissance polymath & a big boy
lily @angelcakex ∙ 3h not to be dramatic but milo rothstein has such severe comforting dad energy i'm so happy i stan a living legend and i can listen to twisted nation songs over and over again and just feel super calm bc of them (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ                        
Kels @asunflowerm00n ∙ 3h Pretty sure if he didn't have a band to discuss with Milo Rothstein would force the next TN album to be all cheesy 80's wedding covers.                        
sad girl season @engelslut ∙ 4h is milo rothstein bi? i'm getting heavy heavy bi energy. evan taught ha                        
Thomas @tmanca ∙ 4h I miss the old Twisted Nation. Hey, does anyone know where Milo got this sweater from?

Thomas @tmanca
Replying to @loedown
not yr grl @Divine___Bae ∙ 5h why are people still out here salivating for milo rothstein when he literally looks like a budget christian grey except that hes so mayo he would immediately apologize after slapping your ass                        
tyler @TylerTweets ∙ 5h "Lil Jon, he always tells the truth" - Milo Rothstein                        
Vee @spookytales ∙ 6h i’ve been exhausted all day because i spent the whole night waking up from a neverending dream that milo rothstein moved into my building and wouldn’t stop knocking on the door asking for things. i will give you the world now that i'm completely awake milo just @ me.                        
Louise @LouiseKaye ∙ 6h my religion has temporarily changed from milo rothstein wearing comfy sweaters to scruffy milo rothstein wearing suits
savvv @starlightmoon ∙ 6h People who can murder me, in no particular order:
- Chloe Sevigny
- Jake Gyllenhaal
- Megan Thee Stallion
- Ewan McGregor
- Milo Rothstein
- Kristen Stewart
- Naz
- Tyler the creator
- Em¡ko

Thanks for listening
lauren / ladybird @milosbully ∙ 7h milo rothstein was last seen at yankee candle debating between the white strawberry bellini or sweet maple chai. confirmed.                        
George @georgeblakely ∙ 7h I recall the first time I heard Milo Rothstein sing. My reaction was, what the fuck? This is just ska, but somehow, against all odds, worse. Fuck him and his fellow derivative, popped-collar hacks with 10,000 kazoos.                        

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